Corey Feldman Reunites With 'Goonies' Co-Star For 'Ascension Millennium' Video: Watch Now!

For his first music video, the '80s teen heartthrob channels MJ and links up with Sean Astin for the first time in 25 years.

While Corey Feldman is hardly new to music videos -- just check out his cameos in Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" and Mac Miller's "S.D.S." -- the '80s icon had never yet made a clip for his own music. That is, until now.

On Monday (July 1), MTV premiered the music video for "Ascension Millennium" off Feldman's untitled August album. In the clip, the "Goonies" and "Stand By Me" star takes us on a "journey through his world," which apparently includes channeling Michael Jackson and hanging with angel-like women. Perhaps inspired by his own cameos, Feldman decided to call upon an old friend to make a guest appearance in his first music video.

Waiting for him with a map during the beginning moments of the video is none other than Sean Astin -- this is the first time the "Goonies" stars have shared the screen in the past 25 years.

After Feldman is finally dressed in a studded leather jacket and leather gloves, certainly a nod to his former pal MJ, he descends the staircase with two women dressed in angel-like lingerie.

Feldman aggressively sings "Ascension Millennium" repeatedly into the camera as he loops around his pool. Of course, Feldman had to include a Michael Jackson-inspired dance sequence with a black fedora and signature Michael moves. Proving he's just a regular guy, he grabs some pancakes and brings the video to a close as he sings, "You got the feeling in your soul/ You just got to let it go."

This isn't the first time Feldman has looked slightly devilish in a music video; he played Mac Miller's arch-nemesis in "S.D.S." Mac and Corey broke down the video for MTV News this past spring, with Feldman describing "all kinds of madness" that went into the shoot.

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