Madonna Is The Queen Of Pop (And Also 2016, According to 'Billboard')

Long may she fiercely reign

Madonna may rule as the Queen of Pop, but her kingdom stretches over the whole last calendar year, according to Billboard.

Her Madgesty was dubbed Billboard's Woman of the Year for her insane work ethic and the touring efforts behind her 2015 full-length, Rebel Heart. It only further proves what we already know: Madonna is peerless, and the fact that she continued to earn her title as the highest grossing female touring artist of all time backs that up.

“Madonna is one of a miniscule number of super-artists whose influence and career transcend music,” said Janice Min of Billboard. “With her creative vision, relentless innovation, and dedication to philanthropic causes, she is an inspiration to hundreds of millions of people around the world, all while shattering every career record out there. She is an important feminist on top of that, a one-of-a-kind artist who’s used her influence to change the conversation around women, sexuality and equal rights.”

Damn straight. Billboard's previous two Women of the Year were Lady Gaga (2015) and Taylor Swift (2014). Congrats to Madonna, and long may she reign.

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