'Splice' Director Wants To Adapt Alan Moore's 'Swamp Thing' Stories

"Splice" director Vincenzo Natali already has a lot of horror cred for his 1997 film "Cube," but if he had his way, he'd bring his dark, psychological vision to the comics world, too.

Speaking with MTV News during this weekend's WonderCon in San Francisco, Natali said he'd love to make a "Swamp Thing" movie based on Alan Moore's classic run of the series.

"There are two incarnations of Swamp Thing — both of them are quite wonderful," said Natali. "The first one was by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, which was a more traditional sort of retake on classic, James Whale-style, Universal Studio horror films. Then Alan Moore reinvented the character in the early '80s, and that's actually the version that's a little more interesting to me."

"[Swamp Thing] kind of became... I don't want to call him an ecological superhero, but he became an ecological character quite unlike anything you've ever seen before," he explained. "It's a comic book, but it delves into some very interesting stuff, both psychological and philosophical."

With psychological and philosophical horror quickly becoming Natali's trademark, Moore's moody, thought-provoking take on the character would seem appropriate source material. The writer's time with the DC/Vertigo character had him getting in touch with his elemental roots and exploring the nature of humanity against a dark backdrop of villains real and imagined.

Previously, producer Joel Silver expressed some interest in bringing the character (who was created by Wein and Wrightson in 1971) back to the big screen, possibly in 3-D. The character has also been the subject of multiple feature films, television series and even an animated series, among other projects.

However, none of those projects focused on Moore's version of the character — something Natali hopes to change.

"It would be — if done properly — extraordinary," said the filmmaker.

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