When Did Kam Have A 'Challenge' Change Of Heart About Leroy?

On this week's episode, the two started 'playing with fire'

Post-War of the Worlds, Kam and Leroy were a far cry from their trademark jovial rapport -- and Leroy even admitted at the Season 33 reunion that at one point, his "biggest regret" was "sleeping with Kam." And while the War of the Worlds 2 teammates had successfully kept their distance -- and were on opposite alliances -- that strategy went out the window during tonight's episode.

"What made you decide to be nice to me tonight?" the Vendettas finalist posed as the two were snuggling in his bed.

"I was horny," the Challenge vet replied.

But all jokes aside, the two then shared a few kisses -- but Kam was a bit more direct in her confessional about how their affinity for each other had changed.

"We are crossing that line of friendship and relationship, so we both we know we're playing with fire," she stated. "But sometimes when you play with fire, you get burned, so I hope this is the fun type of fire to play with."

Looking back, why does Kam think this emotional switch occurred?

In a recent interview with MTV News, she revealed, "Immediately, I had to look at him differently because we were on the same team,. And then I had to look at him different again because somehow, we ended up being roommates. We were roommates and teammates, and I don't want my relationship with anybody to ruin my experience here because, out of anything, I come here for the experience. After a while, the tension started going down. It took a few conversations for me to not want to hurt him," she added with a laugh.

But their connection holds a special significance.

"The moment I started my Challenge journey, even as a rookie, he's the one person who believed in me from the very beginning," Kam continued. "Not only how he was always there for me inside the game, but even outside of the game we just developed a chemistry that the cameras never got to see. That's where we really fell for each other and had our relationship, so it's just our chemistry."

How will their chemistry continue to play out? And will the two become more than friends? Keep watching War of the Worlds 2 every Wednesday at 9/8c.

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