DJ AM 'Was A Die-Hard Hip-Hop Cat,' Says Warren G

Rapper recalls performing with the DJ and Travis Barker earlier this summer.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico -- Warren G says he still cannot believe his friend and colleague [article id="1619854"]DJ AM is gone[/article]. The two were just rocking crowds together earlier this summer.

"Me and DJ AM, we done like five or six shows together recently," G told MTV News this week in New Mexico. "He was just an incredible dude. What tripped me out, what I liked about him, he was just sharp with everything he was doing. He was a die-hard hip-hop cat. When I seen him wear a 'This DJ' T-shirt, I knew this dude really loved what I do. I was already loving what he did. He was humble. We did a lot of great shows together with him and Travis, and I'll always treasure that.

"It hurts," Warren added of the loss. "God don't make no mistakes. He's in a better place. He's not in this B.S. that's going on now. He's away from it. I'mma always keep him in my heart and ride with him, no matter what. DJ AM for life!"

Warrens says he was especially grateful for his team-ups with AM at venues such as Coachella because it gave him a chance to touch younger audiences.

"He brought me into this new generation to rock with him," G said. "That's what I loved about him, and he was great dude, period. His technique [on the turntables] was genius. He could rock that electro and techno and house, but he was still able to ease in [hip-hop]. If it's Jay-Z or Snoop or Warren G or Dr. Dre or Rick Ross or whoever, he knew how to bring that hip-hop and knock it over that electro, techno. ... He was dope with that. He was an incredible DJ, man."