This Earth 2045 Video Will Scare The Polluter Out Of You

The future could be bright or bleak.

What will the world look like in 30 years? Well, if this video is any realistic indication, it could either be a fantastic and lovely vision of human achievement... or a complete hellscape of environmental degradation.

Earth 2045 is an interactive project put together by a Swedish pension management company. It's meant to show the consequences of everyday investment decisions -- be they good or bad -- through an eerie utopian vs. dystopian lens of future reality ("Smart choices can make a big difference," the company's slogan reads). But it doubles as an optimistic-vs.-grim depiction of the how the world could look one day, depending on our actions.

The vid allows the viewer to navigate left and right between the picturesque and the grotesque, in startling contrast. And if these visuals don't hit close to home, it's hard to know what will. Because this. is. intense.

"People have a hard time visualizing the future and connecting the small choices they make today with consequences that will occur in 30 years," the creative explained to AdWeek. And while this is meant to encourage people to save sustainably, the financial factor is SO not what we're taking away from this thing right now.

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