Drake Reposted This Artist's Drawing On Instagram Without Permission: 'No Hard Feelings, I Just Want Credit'

It's an illustration of the rapper and Adele.

Drake isn't shy when it comes to posting fan-created memes and artwork of himself on Instagram. Sometimes, he shouts out the artist to his more than 16 million followers, but on Sunday, when he put up a drawing of himself and Adele, the piece's creator, Dave Valeza, didn't receive acknowledgement. "I feel incredibly sad but I refuse to feel defeated," the artist tweeted last night.

"When both songs came out I thought, 'What if Drake and Adele are playing a long game of phone tag, and it's only exacerbating their assumptions of one another?'" the 31-year-old artist told MTV News via email on Monday (Nov. 23), explaining the original idea for his color piece, which originated last month and played on the phone references of their respective latest hits, "Hotline Bling" and "Hello."

The next day, he posted the drawing on Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

It wasn't until this weekend, almost a month later, when the rapper reposted the illustration -- without its proper credit. "I worked all day Sunday, so I only got to see quick blips of others' reactions online," Valeza said. "I was unable to fully react or respond myself, beyond making a few tweets on my break. So when I was finally off work at about 10 p.m., it all hit me.

"A tag or @ mention directing to my Instagram account would've been fine," he said. "Artists depend on visibility. Artwork posted without credit hurts that."

Who knows how Drake found the picture? There's a chance it wasn't directly off of Valeza's page, but somewhere else online as it was being passed around. And maybe the artist tag in the lower right corner was already cropped out, and maybe he didn't know who the original artist was. We can't be sure.

But the lesson here, for famous rappers or anyone that uses social media, remains the same: "Post credit, link your sources. Just credit. There's no hard feelings, I just want credit."

If you want to see more from Valeza, you can check out his site and online store.

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