The Fugees Talk About Remixing Michael Jackson

April 18 [10:00 EST] -- Michael Jackson's remix album, "Blood On The Dancefloor," will be released on May 20 with eight reworked tracks off the singer's commercially disappointing "HIStory" album, plus five new songs.

Among the remixes, Todd Terry overhauls "Stranger In Moscow," Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis update "Scream," and the Fugees take on the song [article id="1444510"]"Blood On The Dancefloor" [Video, 800Kb QuickTime][/article] (which will be available on 12-inch and cassette) and "Too Bad," which will appear on the album.

MTV News caught up with the Fugees in Haiti and asked them about how they felt about doing the remix.

We did a first remix for Michael, and he wanted us to do another one," Wyclef said. "So I had Michael's head music director, and I was like 'Listen, if you want us to do another remix for Michael, you get Michael on the phone right now.' So we're in the studio working on this remix, and Pras, no, Jerry comes and says, 'Yo Michael

Jackson's on the phone.' I'm like 'Man! Get out my face!' It took me five minutes, and this guy was on the phone, and he was speechless. I don't care who you are, if you're from the hood playing all hard, yo, when Michael Jackson get on the phone...

You scream like a woman," finished Lauryn Hill. [Fugees Speak, 800Kb QuickTime]

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