Kendrick And SZA Served Superhero Looks In The 'All The Stars' Video, So We Ranked Them

The TDE Runway

Frame for frame, Kendrick Lamar and SZA's "All The Stars" might be the most gorgeous video either artist has ever been a part of over the course of their careers. Directed by Dave Meyers and the Little Homies (a.k.a. Kendrick and Dave Free), "All The Stars" is filled to the brim with breathtaking visuals that perfectly depict the grandiose vision Lamar and company have been pursuing his entire career.

Over the course of the video, Kendrick and SZA are steeped in astounding imagery like Lamar walking through a room full of gold that'd make Gatsby proud and SZA paying homage to a legendary video by one of the greatest R&B artists of all-time. What stands out more than the song or the epic scale of the video is how well Lamar and SZA are dressed. There are leather jackets, sapphire bathing suits, and ornate kufis. Regal, elegant, and most importantly black as hell, the fashion in "All The Stars" is impeccable.

The "All The Stars" music video is the perfect way to honor Black Panther before it releases. Here are some of the best fits sported by Kendrick and SZA in the visual.

Kenny's Arc


Kendrick Fit 1

The human race is in for another apocalypse-level flood, and we can only hope Lamar takes struggle rappers, two of every kind.

Is That A Velvet Durag?


Kendrick Fit 2

Does anything scream black excellence like a velvet durag?

Seinfeld Wants His Puffy Shirt Back


Kendrick Fit 9

"The Puffy Shirt" is a perfect episode of television, and a TDE remake of Seinfeld is what the people need.

Red October


SZA Fit 1

The only thing missing from SZA's outfit is a pair of Air Yeezy 2s.

All Gold Everything


Kendrick Fit 10

"Don't believe me, just watch." — Trinidad James

Classic Man Kendrick


Kendrick Fit 4

Disappointed no one called Jidenna for a cameo.

Janet Jackson Vibes


SZA Fit 3

Not mad at SZA taking inspiration from Janet Jackson's iconic "Together Again," albeit with a lot more blue. In the video, SZA sports a similar hairstyle to the one Jackson popularized over 20 years ago.

Fonzie Lamar


Kendrick Fit 5

Kendrick Lamar hasn't jumped the shark yet, but he did run with panthers. The fact that he did it wearing a leather jacket like Fonzie makes it that much more incredible.

Muppet Baby SZA


SZA Fit 2

SZA's coat looks like she murdered Animal and wore his fur as a trophy, which is badass and amazing of the TDE songstress.

P.S. Can SZA remix the Muppet Babies theme song?