11 Online Classes That Will Take Your Party Skills To The Next Level

Are you a bore a bashes? Try these fun online tutorials to up your party game.

At parties, are you duller than a diamond ring bought at the dollar store? Smart is hot, and one of the easiest ways to go from basic to brilliant is by taking some fun classes online that can get your party swagger on. Don’t worry, this isn’t like going to school... You can take just one class, or a bunch in your spare time. And most of them are free! So, sharpen your pencil, and crack open your laptop. It’s learning time!

Get Your Groove On



Don’t dance to the beat of someone else’s drum. Learn how to play your own for free. Imagine everyone rocking out to your beats at your next party!

Rock the Turn Table


cat dj

If playing an instrument isn't your style, why not learn how to make music another way? This class teaches you how to drop the bass like your favorite DJ.

Be A Fashion Boss


be a boss like bey

Ever imagine designing your own hot outfits? The University of Fashion can help get you on your way to strutting that hallway like Beyoncé.

Be The Life Of The Party – The Smart Way


Learning wine tasting

With the class World of Wine: From Grape to Glass, you can show up with something better than just wine-in-a-box. You’ll know all about how wine is made and be your friends’ go-to sommelier (a wine go-to-gal?).

Be Fly On The Dance Floor


Shakira belly dancing

Ever wanted to Whip and Nae Nae without looking like an idiot? Or maybe you want to wow with a belly dance like Shakira or blow folks away with some Bollywood moves? DancePlug has you covered. You can learn any dance you want from the comfort of your living room.

Go From Selfie Monster To Socializing Like A Pro


MTV EMA Selfie

So, you think you’re pretty good at social media, but want to get a ton of new followers and become an online party sensation? This social media marketing course by Northwestern University can help you go from a girl with a cell phone to a multimedia mogul.

Become A Fascinating Conversationalist



If you have trouble starting conversations at parties, then it’s time to think deep. Take a class in a subject that fascinates you, then chat it up like Albert Einstein. May we suggest global history from 1760 to 1910?

Don’t Get Caught Ridin’ Dirty


How I Met Your Mother Grammer Gif

If you get visited by the grammar police as much as Justin Bieber gets visited by the real police, then maybe your language skills is why no one will talk to you at parties. This grammar and punctuation course can get you feeling confident in your linguistics in just four weeks.

Habla Español



Want to be awesome in more than one language? Start with Spanish.

Code Your Way To Greatness


Code Your Way to Greatness

If you'd rather show and tell, why not create something truly buzz worthy? What's cooler than showing up to a party with an app that you created to show off? Code School is a great place to start.

Rule Your Own Rager!



Want to learn it all? Then take Party Planing 101 to bring your party game from snooze fest to "OMG, can't wait until your next party!