Teen Sues Black Crowes For Alleged Hearing Damage

Nineteen-year-old claims to suffer tinnitus from attending roots rockers' show last year.

An Ohio teenager claiming he suffered permanent hearing damage at a Black Crowes concert last year sued the band this week.

Joshua Harmon, 19, of Granville, Ohio, and his parents, Paul and Sarah Harmon, filed the $385,000 lawsuit Monday in Knox County Circuit Court in Knoxville, Tenn. Joshua Harmon attended a concert by the roots-rock band in Knoxville on April 2, 1999, where he sat in the second row, according to confirmed reports.

Sarah Harmon said her son's tinnitus had been diagnosed in his right ear and that he suffered from fluctuating hearing loss.

"As a parent, when you buy tickets, you don't expect [your kids] to come home with a permanent injury," she said. "The significance of this suit is that parents need to know this is a possibility. That's what I'm concerned about."

The lawsuit also names promoter A.C. Entertainment Inc., the venue Historical Tennessee Theatre Foundation and the sound company M&L Sound Inc. as defendants.

A publicist for the Black Crowes declined comment on Wednesday. In February the group released a live album with ex–Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, culled from their tour together in 1999. Live at the Greek includes the rock-radio hit "What Is and What Should Never Be" (RealAudio excerpt).

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