Perry Farrell Rocks SonicNet Party

Rare DJ gig for Jane's Addiction founder Farrell.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. -- "Do you like the music?" asked Perry

Farrell, flashing a big smile, leaning over his DJ rig. "Are you having

a good time?"

Farrell was in the midst of a rare DJing gig at a SonicNet party Monday

night. With an album for his latest musical enterprise, Gobalee, nearly

complete, Farrell has been having fun "playing records," after years of

"making records," according to his business partner, Aaron Chasen.

At the packed, invitation-only party, which took place at the Kass Bah

club in West Hollywood, Farrell DJed for most of the night, assisted

by a crew that included Gobalee member Karl Leiker and DJ Yohai.

The records Farrell and Leiker were spinning included the Beastie Boys'

"So Whatcha Want," the Stone Roses' "Fools Gold" and loads of techno,

ambient, house and dancehall tracks.

Chasen said that Farrell has been DJing for about six months. "But he's

been experimenting with sound his whole life.

"Perry's new hobby is DJing," Chasen said. "It's a change of pace -

it's a new thing for him to play records."

Looking typically exotic in plaid pants and an orange-fringed tunic

with embroidered flowers across the front, Farrell periodically

stepped out from behind his two turntable rig to join a group of

intense dancers working out nearby.

At times he stood on a chair seat, grooving to the pulsing rhythms,

waving his arms above his head as if testifying. Or he would join a

circle of dancers, an ecstatic look on his face. It appeared that he

simply couldn't help himself, the pull of the music so strong that he

simply had to periodically break away to dance.

Chasen said that Farrell's recent DJing gigs are, to some extent,

research for a new concept in entertainment. The man who created

Lollapalooza wants to combine "rave culture, gaming, the concert

experience and live theater into a new entertainment platform."

"He calls it Evirt, you know, for virtual events," Chasen said