Leak Complicates Paris/ Haylie Fight Over Who Gets 'Screwed'

Struggle over same song heats up due to Internet leak.

Who's getting "Screwed"? That's the question Paris Hilton and Haylie Duff want answered.

Both have recorded the same song, called "Screwed," and while they were figuring out what to do about that, Hilton's version leaked via the radio onto the Internet.

The hotel heiress had talked up the song in interviews, saying it would be both her first single as well as the name of her debut album (that title later changed to Paris Is Burning). "It's about a girl who gets screwed over by a guy," Hilton told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

A couple of weeks ago, Duff announced she was attempting to block Hilton from releasing the track. "Paris has talked to the people who wrote the song, and I think it's all under control now," Duff told USA Today.

Duff also said she planned to release her own version by early August. Instead, Hilton's version made that deadline, inadvertently, when it leaked.

The version making the rounds on the Internet was ripped from a radio station's airing. As Hilton described, the bouncy song is from the perspective of a woman whose lover is cheating on her, but inexplicably she wants him back. Even as she chastises him with lines like "Just pleasure aside/ I should know your type/ So cliché," she asks him to call her, though she leaves it open as to whether they'd be back together for good or just for fun.

The chorus suggests she's more serious: "If I'm already screwed/ Here's a message to you/ My heart's wide open/ I'm just looking through to the lover in you/ And I'm still hoping." Then again, the verses suggest that what she's hoping for is just another romp: "When you need someone/ To have a little fun/ I could be the perfect girl for you."

Duff's spokespeople had no word on whether her plans will change in light of the leak.

Hilton worked on her album with producers Robb Boldt and Romeo Antonio as well as JC Chasez, who helped write some of the tracks (see [article id="1488369"]"JC Chasez Gives Up On 'Sex,' Teams Up With Paris Hilton"[/article]). She hopes to announce a distribution deal for her album and her label, Heiress Records, soon, her spokesperson said. There is no release date set yet for Hilton's album.

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