Chris Brown's Order To 'Stay Away' From Rihanna May Be Reduced

Rihanna's lawyer has to OK judge's decision at status hearing to scale the mandate back to a 'do not annoy' order.

The "stay away" order issued against [artist id="1961441"]Chris Brown[/artist] following his assault of then-girlfriend [artist id="1940303"]Rihanna[/artist] is expected to be reduced to a "do not annoy" order, it was revealed Friday (January 28) during a status hearing for Brown.

Judge Patricia Schnegg mandated the protective order back in August 2009 after Brown pleaded guilty to assault. The restriction called for the former couple to not communicate and keep their distance should they attend the same industry event.

Last month, Brown completed a yearlong [article id="1654703"]domestic-violence course[/article]. Judge Schnegg once again [article id="1652630"]praised Brown[/article] for his progress and congratulated him on his course completion.

The singer's attorney requested that Brown be permitted to skip future status hearings as a result of his completed course work, which the judge granted. Brown still must complete a number of community labor hours.

The "stay away" order being reduced to a "do not annoy" order first needs to be approved by Rihanna's attorney. When Brown reached his plea deal, Rihanna's lawyer notified the court that the pop star did not wish to seek a restraining order against her ex.

During a short recess granted by the judge, Brown's attorney phoned Rihanna's legal rep to OK the motion, but the party was unavailable.