'Challenge' Fans Use Diem Brown's Own MedGift To Help Her Through Third Cancer Battle

Meanwhile, her former competitors are also sending their well wishes.

Cancer survivor and MedGift founder Diem Brown has devoted her life to helping those who face medical hardships, but now, upon her third cancer diagnosis, it's she who's getting a very heartening helping hand.

The "Challenge" vet, who collapsed last week and had to undergo emergency surgery, has been racking up medical bills since a new colon cancer diagnosis. And to help her cover the cost of hospital stay, Diem's family set up a MedGift page through which friends, family and fans can donate.

The result has been staggering. The account, which originally aimed to raise $30,000, has already collected nearly $38,000, and many contributions have included hopeful notes.

"You are a true fighter and you are going to kick this cancer in the butt! Keep being strong like I know you are. You are an inspiration!" Kristina B. wrote, while Jessica S. said, "Diem, you are a special person who has touched more lives than you can begin to know -- sending prayers, love hope and strength to you, your family and friends."

Diem's fellow Challengers are also pushing for her recovery. "Please help the woman who has helped so many...our @diembrownmtv needs us," Paula Beckert tweeted, and Diem's ol' "Rivals II" partner Aneesa Ferreira echoed the sentiment. "Sending all my love and positive vibes to my partner and friend @DiemBrownMTV you are beautiful, strong and a true inspiration. I love you."

Be sure to head to Diem's MedGift page for more information, and donate if you can.