12 Reasons We're Shipping Rick And Michonne On 'The Walking Dead'

It's a match made in zombie heaven.

Although "The Walking Dead" is not about feelings, strictly speaking, one of the reasons we're most excited for the show's return this Sunday is definitely of a romantic nature.

As in, we're pretty sure it's finally time for Rick and Michonne to hook up.

Ever since Michonne first came on the scene, she's been an obvious perfect match for the show's fearless leader: a tough lady with a tortured past who totally understands our hero's angst. But if you haven't picked up yet on the fierce chemistry between these two, here are twelve reasons to get on the Rickonne ship before it sets sail.

For starters, let's not forget how cute they were when they first began to trust each other.


BRB, heart just melted.

They get each other in fundamental ways.


Michonne lost her child and kept zombies as pets; Rick spent an entire season and a half basically losing his mind after Lori died; and neither one of them thinks the other's shizz is even remotely weird.

They can share clothes.


Michonne clearly knows how to rock a man's shirt.

Also, grooming tips.


The proud owner of those always-impeccable dreads could teach Rick a thing or two about keeping his wild beard in check.

Michonne is Rick's equal in strength and survival skills.


Not that there was anything wrong with Rick's marriage to dear, departed Lori, but neither she nor their relationship was strong enough to survive the end of the world as we know it. Rick and Michonne, on the other hand, would have an equal partnership built on a solid foundation of trust, respect, and highly efficient zombie-slaying.

But she's also his opposite in important ways.


In times like these, you need a lady around who can lighten the mood with some cheese-related humor.

When Michonne is around, Rick can finally relax.


After the non-stop stresses of fearless leadership over the course of four seasons, look how relieved Rick looks to finally have someone he trusts enough to take the wheel, so that he can just gaze out the window at the countryside and think about cows or something.

And with Rick, Michonne doesn't have to be tough all the time.


We see you having emotions, Michonne. WE SEE YOU.

She's also basically the perfect stepmom.


Let's be real: There is nobody alive on the planet who can handle Carl's tweenage angst better than Michonne.

Their sexual tension was always outta control.


His mouth says, "Give me your sword," but his eyes say, "Take off your pants."

Honestly, he's been hitting on her forever.


"For instance, I see that you are one fine, foxy piece of lady."

But most of all, they just look nice together.


The rest of the world (including Carl) can get eaten by zombies for all we care, just as long as we have Rick and Michonne.

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