Kanye, Pitbull And More: 10 Celebrities Who Stole The Show On 'My Super Sweet 16'

The beloved MTV series racked up some sweet cameos over the years.

What's better than celebrating your 16th birthday? Marking the milestone with one of music's biggest names, of course.

Over the years, "My Super Sweet 16" treated us to some pretty awesome coming-of-age parties -- complete with jaw-dropping ensembles, entrances and entourages. And plenty of star-studded cameos.

While MTV's beloved reality-docuseries eventually became known for its featured celebrants' epic meltdowns, nothing could top the myriad of A-list artists who managed to make every party, well, a WHOLE lot sweeter. And if turning 16 meant getting Kanye West to stop by for an appearance, it's no wonder fights erupted over the invitations alone.

So, to give a shout-out to music-loving Sweet 16-ers everywhere -- and to prep for "Sweet 16's Most Wanted: Where Are They Now?" special, airing Monday, February 16 and followed by "My Super Sweet 16 with Reginae Carter and Lil' Wayne" -- we're remembering 10 celebs who stole the spotlight on the MTV show. Sit back, relax and, most importantly, get ready to party:



Super Sweet 16 - Rihanna

Before she rocked the Grammys with Kanye and Sir Paul, she rocked the red carpet with birthday boy Darnell.

Kanye West

"I'mma let you finish, but Aaron had the best birthday party of all time."


Not only did Aaron pull in a Kanye cameo, but his *godfather* Diddy helped kick off the festivities as well. #blessed



Super Sweet 16 - Pitbull

The party never stopped for Mr. 305, who taught Desiree the true meaning of dalé.



Super Sweet 16 - Ciara

Fun fact: The R&B songstress was the first celeb to make a cameo on the series.

My Chemical Romance

No one knows more about teenage angst than Gerard Way.

Nick Cannon


Super Sweet 16 - Nick Cannon

Turning 16, check. VIP invites, check. Getting Nick Cannon to help you hand out said VIP invites. DOUBLE CHECK.

Ryan Cabrera


For Mary's Sweet 16, the singer-songwriter went rogue during his performance, bringing up the birthday girl and her BFFs to serve as his backup singers. Swoon.

Yung Joc

The hip-hop heavyweight got the crowd going at Katie's Christmas-themed bash.

Fat Joe

Priscilla got the surprise of her life when the rapper stopped by for a special performance.

+Don't forget to check out MTV's upcoming "Super Sweet 16" mini-marathon, starting with "Sweet 16's Most Wanted: Where Are They Now?" on Monday, February 16 at 3:50/2:50c followed by "My Super Sweet 16 with Reginae Carter and Lil' Wayne"!