You’ll Never Guess Which ‘Pineapple Express’ Star Doesn’t Actually Smoke Weed

The actor opens up about why he hasn’t been high in years.

James Franco likes to do things that shock us from time to time: from posting nude selfies to painting Seth Rogen naked. But we bet you especially didn’t see this one coming: He recently revealed he doesn’t smoke pot.

In an interview with Howard Stern on Monday (Dec. 15), the star of various stoner comedies, including “Pineapple Express" and “This Is the End,” confessed he doesn’t smoke weed at all. Leading us to have the revelation that all the ridiculous, wacky stuff he's done (see above) isn't actually drug-induced.

“I just haven’t done it in a long time," Franco explained. "I don’t know. I guess there's just no need."

The 36-year-old’s reasoning? If he were to smoke the herb, he “couldn’t function.” Stern himself agreed and claimed marijuana makes him super anxious.

Of course, working with “The Interview” co-star and notorious stoner, Seth Rogen, means Franco still gets high ... in a way.

“I get high by proxy,” Franco admitted. Rogen also revealed earlier this year to Andy Cohen that the duo had never been high together. "This is really depressing for me to say ... I've never smoked weed with James Franco because he doesn't smoke weed,” Rogen said of his co-star. “That's why he's such a good actor! It's really sad, actually."

So how does Franco successfully achieve his stoner look? He told Interview Magazine, "I just pretend the wind is in my eyes."

You can listen to Howard Stern's entire show with Seth Rogen and James Franco below.

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