Before They Were Famous: Matt Damon in 'Mystic Pizza'

"The Adjustment Bureau" explores a question that has haunted mankind for centuries: Is the future predetermined? Matt Damon stars as an up-and-coming politician who decides to fight fate (literally) to be with the woman he loves (Emily Blunt).

By becoming an A-list star, Damon has definitely followed the road less traveled in his own life. Was Hollywood stardom always in the cards for the Massachusetts native, or did he have to fight men in gray suits to get where he is today?

Damon seemed to know his course from a young age. He began acting in high school and landed his first film role at 18 alongside future "Ocean's Eleven" costar Julia Roberts in "Mystic Pizza."

Damon's "Steamer" is the younger brother of Daisy's (Roberts) rich boyfriend Charles (Adam Storke), and though he only appears in one scene (where Charlie shocks his family by bringing Daisy, "his poor Portuguese girlfriend," home for dinner) it's a memorable one involving lobster mishaps and "green stuff."

That "green stuff" was enough to keep the young Harvard student interested in show business. He majored in English, but regularly performed in student plays and ended up leaving the Ivy League before graduating to shoot "School Ties" alongside childhood friend and co-conspirator, Ben Affleck.

It's easy to look back now and think Damon's path toward fame seemed evident. He grew up amongst the liberal intelligentsia in Cambridge and coming from Harvard, had the perfect look for a prep school drama. But there's no way the kid that played Steamer knew that.