Logic Recorded His Debut Album In Just Two Weeks

The Def Jam signee tells MTV News what fans can expect from his debut.

Logic has one hell of a story to tell, and he plans on using his first album to tell it.

The Maryland native, whose Def Jam debut is due out sometimes later this year, has spent 24 years living the tales that he weaves on the album, and almost half of that time refining his skills on the mic. But he spent less than a month actually recording the songs.

"It took two weeks to record the majority of the album," Logic told MTV News. "Don't get me wrong -- years went into it; there's concepts and things that were around long before."

Despite the relative quickness with which it was finished, the album -- which he played for MTV News in its entirety last week -- comes off like a cohesive, fully-thought-out effort. Logic's rhymes are characteristically sharp, and his subject matter recalls anecdotes of the hardships of his youth that longtime fans will be familiar with -- but delivered with a new set of packaging.

The Visionary Music Group rapper credits the project's executive producer, No I.D., who serves as Executive Vice President of Def Jam and signed the MC to the label, with leading him towards that leap.

"The fact that me and him had these incredible conversations are what helped me shape the album," he explained. "We could have a three-hour conversation about one line on my album -- and how it was great or how it could be better. It wasn't necessarily the co-sign, 'No I.D.,' or the No I.D. beats, it was more the relationship and the conversations."

As for the beats? Well, Logic produced a few himself, including the title track and upcoming single. His frequent collaborator 6ix is all over the album, and DJ Dahi and Symbolic One also make production appearances. Don't expect guest appearances from any on the mic, though.

"I wanna Illmatic it; I wanna Nas it," he said. "No huge guest appearances, because I wanna tell my story. This is my introduction to hip-hop: Who is Logic? What is he about? Where is he from? A lot of people might have misconceptions, just because [of my] being biracial but looking white, they'll have that prejudice there."

He hopes the album will wipe away any preconceived notions about who he is in favor of the real story, told through rhyme.

"I just wanted this to be me to the fullest, and show that I have what it takes to stand up on two legs on my own."

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