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The Super Bowl Just Brought Back 'Breaking Bad'

'Say my name.'

Of all the big returns we expected in this year's Super Bowl battle between the Seahawks and The Patriots, we don't think anyone could have expected that Esurance would bring back the man in the hat -- Heisenberg himself, played by Bryan Cranston.

The "Breaking Bad" actor (sort of) revived his recently deceased (uh, spoiler) character for one time only, with a hysterical ad that played on his uber-drug lord character.

Yes, Cranston has "experience with drugs" like he plugged in the ad -- but we feel like it missed an opportunity to put a little of the old blue crystal in there at the end. Oh well, it was just sorta Heisenberg, anyway. We'll just have to hold out hope we'll get one last real glimpse of Walter White when "Better Call Saul" premieres on AMC on February 8.