Jennifer Lopez Gets Help From "Clean Up Woman" On Debut

Dancer-turned-actress Jennifer Lopez can add "singer" and "songwriter" to her resume now that her debut album, "On the 6," is ready for release.

The self-described "Latin soul" singer received support from high-profile names such as Sean "Puffy" Combs, Latin salsero Marc Anthony, producers Rodney Jerkins (Brandy, Whitney Houston) and the Trackmasters (Nas, Mariah Carey), as well as the husband-wife team of Emilio and Gloria Estefan.

Another venerable name in the credits is that of Betty Wright, a Grammy Award-winning R&B singer who put the Miami soul scene on the map in 1971 with her Top Ten hit "Clean Up Woman." Wright recorded a decade-long string of hit singles (often about either cheating or being cheated on) for the Alston label, including "Baby Sitter," "Secretary," and "Shoorah! Shoorah!

In recent years, Wright has built a second career as a vocal producer, which is how she was hooked up with Lopez' debut project. As Lopez recently told MTV News' Chris Connelly,

the revered "Clean Up Woman" provided plenty of inspiration in the studio.

[article id="1447275"]"Betty Wright! She's such an amazing spirit,"[/article] said Lopez. [article id="1447275"]"She produced my vocals, basically. She was in [the studio] with me, day in and day out, helping me. I'm a young singer, you know? A young studio singer. I may have sang all my life, and I may have sang on stage and stuff like that, but it's different to record in the studio. And you need somebody who really can guide you through that."[/article]

Lopez added, [article id="1447275"]"I was just very lucky to have somebody like [Wright] there who had so much experience and so many... so much chops, and just everything I needed to help me through it... all the little tricks and the emotion as well as the spirituality too. [The] encouragement that she provided to me was really priceless." [RealVideo][/article]

On the 6" will be in stores on June 1st.

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