How 50 Cent Supported Remy Ma When She Was In Prison

Fif signed letters on her behalf.

Hip-hop hasn't been shy about its excitement over Remy Ma's release from prison earlier this month. But there were a number of people who supported the Bronx native while she was locked up, too, and chief among them was 50 Cent.

"When I needed letters for my appeal, saying that if in fact I was released I would have a job and this is how I would stay out of trouble and reintegrate into society," Remy began, during a recent interview with BET, "50 Cent had no problem not once, but twice signing letters saying that, ‘She would definitely have somewhere to work.’ And it wasn’t a delay. I didn't feel like I had to chase anybody around."

Rem also shouted out Keyshia Cole for supporting her early on, and said that once she was allowed to call cell phones, and not just land lines, she began to have increased contact with some fellow MCs.

That's when she started connecting with guys like French Montana and Jadakiss, each of whom she collaborated earlier this week on "MegaDeath," as well as Rick Ross.

"I gave him strict instructions to start writing his rhymes the day I spoke to him so it'd be perfect, without [a] flaw in it, by the time I got home," she said of her convo with Kiss.

"I think they genuinely felt for my situation," she added. "They didn’t look at me as Remy Ma the rapper. I was Remy and ‘Whatever you need I got you.’ And I never felt like anybody I was talking to was fake or just saying it because I was on the phone with them."

"I can definitely say that [there were] numerous people that I probably didn't expect would get on the phone and chop it up with me."