Master P Says C-Murder's Arrest 'A Tragedy For Our Family'

P says his brother 'in the wrong place at the wrong time.'

NEW YORK — As C-Murder sits in a Louisiana jail waiting to see if the DA accepts the charges of second-degree murder and fraud against him, C's older brother Master P has been championing him on the outside.

"You know what, right now with C, I think he's a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time," P said of his brother Sunday while on the set of Ray Benzino's "Shine Like My Son" video. "Also, you gotta understand that when you're that big of an entertainer and you come from the ghetto, you can't do those type of things. You can't hang with the same type of crowd you been running with. It's OK to make it out and move on. We definitely pray for him. That's my brother, I love him to death."

C-Murder was arrested on January 18 in New Orleans, Louisiana, for allegedly shooting and killing 16-year-old Steve Thomas on January 12 at the Platinum Club in Harvey. He has maintained his innocence, claiming the police have the wrong man (see [article id="1451927"]"C-Murder Is A Victim Of Mistaken Identity, Lawyer Says"[/article]). Over 200 people are reported to have been in attendance at the Platinum Club on the night in question. The police say some are witnesses.

"We hope that once this is said and done, people will see he wasn't involved with this," P said. "But you got so much other stuff lingering around you ... You have to deal with whatever the situation is. It's definitely a tragedy for our family. Hopefully this teaches kids that you can't live that type of life no more. Once you make it and change your life, you gotta move on. You have to be able to look at a different position.

"What me and [Lil' Romeo] are doing," he added, "we're going in an opposite direction. We gotta start spending more time with our kids. That way you could wanna live and not wanna be incarcerated, that will definitely save you from the negativity."

P said he and Romeo have been spending a lot of time working together on the youngster's second LP.

"The new album is gonna be super hot — it's called Game Time," the proud dad said. "The single is called '2way' and it's gonna be a real big record. He just did a song with B2K and we gonna get some beats from Timbaland and Dr. Dre."

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