11 Times Taylor Swift’s Cat Sat Like A Human

Olivia Benson isn’t an ordinary feline

When Taylor Swift introduced her fans to Olivia Benson just over two years ago, no one predicted just how ~unique~ this cat would turn out to be. She’s all kinds of adorable, just like her sis Meredith (Tay’s first cat). But unlike Mer, Olivia enjoys hanging out on her two rear legs.

This quirk makes her look, well, kind of odd. See for yourself.

Taylor calls her a ‘squirrel’

Or a ‘meerkat’

Or a ‘melting snowman’

But she is, in fact, 100 percent cat

She’s terrible at opening things

Her posture is impeccable

Her hobbies include doing absolutely nothing, ever

The VMAs Moonman looks like food to her

Here she is pondering the meaning of life

She gets excited when her human comes home

And she knows when she’s spying on her

“Oh my god, this cat is so weird,” Taylor says in the video above. Accurate.

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