Abigail Breslin Just Might Zombie Out On Arnold Schwarzenegger In 'Maggie' Trailer

Daddy's little zombie.

The father-daughter relationship is always complicated. Dad wants to protect his little girl, little girl doesn't want to be seen as a little girl anymore -- the usual.

It gets way more complicated when your daughter is a zombie.

In the first full trailer for "Maggie," Abigail Breslin tries to escape from Daddy Dearest (Arnold Schwarzenegger), pleading that while he's always protected her, now it's time for her to protect him -- from herself.

See, she's been infected. Girlfriend's morphing into a zombie over a matter of weeks, but Dad refuses to leave her side. Can he find a cure, or will she eventually Z out and eat him alive? Or is Dad going to have to make use of that shotgun that keeps ominously popping up in the trailer? Uh-oh.

Check out the full trailer below.

"Maggie" hits theaters May 8.

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