Ed Sheeran Wrote Why Don’t We’s Super Catchy New Song ‘Trust Fund Baby’

This boy band wants independent women only

He previously crafted tunes for One Direction, and now Ed Sheeran has lent his songwriting talents to another boy band. The lucky five-piece this time is Why Don’t We, the on-the-rise California pop group who stole our hearts last year with songs like “Invitation” and “These Girls.” On Thursday (February 1), the boys returned with their first new single of 2018: the catchy, booming “Trust Fund Baby.”

Written by Sheeran and produced by Steve Mac — the mastermind behind Sheeran’s “Shape of You” and Liam Payne’s “Strip That Down” — it finds the guys yearning for a self-made girl. “I don't really want no trust fund baby / I like my women independent,” they sing over bellowing horns. Among their list of demands for a potential girlfriend: she’s not a big spender, isn’t a mean girl, can climb trees and fix cars, will make cool mixtapes, and loves Missy Elliot. If that sounds like you, then consider this your personalized gift from Jonah, Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, and Zach.

Speaking about the song with Buzzfeed, band member Jack Avery said, “The recording process was fun because it was our first time actually stepping into a big studio after recording from our rooms for our other EPs. We went in and connected with Steve Mac, who was really awesome and humble, got some takes done quickly and now we have this amazing song.”

Why Don’t We are plotting their debut full-length album this year, and will also kick off their Invitation Tour on February 27. See the full list of dates here. Plus, check out the group's (totally charming) interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson below.

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