Ke$ha Ditches The Glitter And The Bass In 'Die Young' Tease

Singer gives a cappella performance of her upcoming single to Tokyo subway commuters.

Ke$ha is giving her animals some major teases for her soon-to-be released new single, "Die Young." On Monday, she not only provided fans with the slightly risqué artwork for the Dr. Luke-produced track, but also released a 30-second tease of herself singing the song a cappella.

The teaser clip, shot last month, features Ke$ha belting it out on a crowded Tokyo subway, singing, "I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums/ Oh, what a shame that you came here with someone/ While you're here in my arms/ Let's make the most of the night 'cause we're gonna die young/ We're gonna die young/ We're gonna die young."

Much like she ditched the synths and bass and opted for a cappella in the tease, Ke$ha also gets back to the basics on the track's artwork. The once-glittery singer dons nothing more than a holster, wearing her hear in braids a headband made of giant roses. "getting closer. get hyped. eternal boners," she wrote to her Twitter followers about the image.

She confirmed at the VMAs earlier this month that she would be [article id="1693345"]dropping the song[/article] sometime in September, and that her record will reflect her budding friendships. "We're really, really close now," she said of her friendship with the Flaming Lips. "I went on a spirit journey, came back, worked with the Flaming Lips, worked with Iggy Pop -- really explored my rock roots."

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