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Everything You Need To Know About Maroon 5's New Album

The band's got 'V' and a new tour for us. Get excited.

There's a whole lot that Maroon 5 fans have to be excited about right now, so just take a deep breath, calm your nerves, and let's dig through it.

According to, the band has signed with Interscope Records and will drop their fifth studio album, V, on September 2, with a new single hitting us sometime this summer. Three weeks ago, the group teased the LP on Instagram, with a photo of frontman Adam Levine captioned: "Guess what we're working on? #album5"

[image src="wp-attachment://1827697" title="maroon 5, adam levine" alt="maroon 5, adam levine"]

Pop heavyweights like Max Martin and Ryan Tedder played a hand in crafting the LP, which was recorded over the past year in Los Angeles. But, there's another V collaborator that the Maroon 5 faithful will be most pleased to hear about: keyboardist Jesse Carmichael, who took a hiatus from the band while the group was recording fourth studio album Overexposed.

But, that's not all. Please remain seated. Did I say you could stand?

Maroon 5 have also signed a global-tour deal with Live Nation, although dates won't be announced for a few weeks. That should definitely be enough time for fans to fully regain consciousness after this nonstop barrage of good news.

Whether Adam Levine will continue on in his coaching role on NBC's "The Voice" next spring remains to be seen, but viewers will at least have the opportunity to covet his platinum-blond pompadour when Season 7 airs this fall.