Ciara And Her Dad Rapping Along To Tupac Has Baby Future Giggling From Joy—Watch

Looks like we have a "future" rap fan on our hands.

After watching this family video, I no longer have any doubts about who introduced Ciara to the hip-hop lifestyle—her dear old dad. In an adorably straight-faced Instagram video, CiCi and her dad rap and sway along to Tupac's "So Many Tears" from Me Against the World.

In the caption, Ciara shared that she would ride along with her dad listening to this song when she was younger: "Me and My Dad Back At It. #2Pac #ShedSoManyTears. #IusedToRideInThePassengerSeatSingingThisWithHimWhenIWasALittleGirl. So Cool!!"

And what's that I hear right at the end of the 'Gram video? It sounds like the delighted coo of a baby—namely Ciara and Future's baby who is named after his daddy. From the sounds of his happy giggle, we'll have another rap fan on our hands soon.

The couple got engaged in late 2013, but then called it off after rumors of infidelity on the rapper's part. It seems like the parents are on good terms with each other though, despite the split.

If I may briefly recall happier times, Ciara was also a big fan of her ex's Honest single "Move That Dope," and posted a video of herself enormously pregnant and still dancing along with her and her dad to the track.

Sure, some things don't last forever, but we'll always have music to take away the pain, right?