'The Dark Knight' Villains Go K-Pop

You know what we love most about K-Pop stars? It's not the songs, obviously, the the silly dances or even their obvious joie de vivre, which comes out in every infectious note of their music. No, what we really love most is the fact that they all have code name that sound like weird-ass comic book characters. PSY, G-Dragon, Crying Nut — we love it.

Which is why this ridiculous video of a group of K-Pop stars performing while dressed up as Batman villains almost makes sense.

The K-Pop stars in question are a group collectively known as Epik High. In this recent performance, though, they temporarily recast themselves as the Secret Society of Super-Villains, donning quite excellent costumes and make-up to turn themselves into passable versions of Joker and Two-Face from "The Dark Knight" and Bane from "The Dark Knight Rises."

Turn out, of course, that singing K-Pop through that Bane mask isn't any easier than just plain talking. But whatever. You K-Pop guys keep bringing the weirdness and we'll keep loving it, guaranteed. Check it out, courtesy of Buzz Feed: