Being 'Ladylike' Gets Redefined In New MTV Reality Series: Watch The Trailer Now

'Girl Code' star Nicole Byer will begin challenging gender norms on June 9

Your mama's favorite term has taken on a whole new meaning.

MTV star Nicole Byer -- along with Girl Code comedians Annie Lederman, Carly Aquilino and Akwafina -- have joined forces for a new MTV series, Ladylike, which is set to premiere on June 9. And the results are positively pick-your-ass-up-off-the-floor hilarious -- if the below trailer is any indication. (It is.)

Consider the gender norms you know and hate challenged. The prank-driven reality show takes any female sensibility to the streets and focuses on what it really means to be a lady in 2016 — jerk-off protests (save the sperm, please!), catcalling men and tossing beads in exchange for "mitty" reveals, to name a few.

Oh, and nobody is safe from the series' hidden cameras, as Ladylike's unsuspecting victims run the gamut from the pranksters' own mothers and friends to complete and total strangers.

Get pumped by the new trailer, grab your gals and catch the series premiere of Ladylike on Thursday, June 9 at 10/9c.

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