Lana Del Rey May Be Directing Her Own 'Cherry' Video With Her Sister

Which means it might have a cool connection to her album covers

Lana Del Rey's album covers are a huge part of her iconography. When the singer teased her then-forthcoming Lust for Life artwork before the album's release earlier this year, a popular fan theory — that all four of her covers tell a single story — took off, partly because it was so convincing.

You can thank visual artist Chuck Grant's attention to detail for that. Chuck, Lana's sister, shot the glossy, saturated, beautiful cover photos for Lust for Life and Honeymoon as well as some of LDR's single artwork. And based on what Lana told MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson at the 2017 EMA, Chuck could be shooting the upcoming music video for "Cherry," too, right alongside her sister.

"I spoke to a few different directors about ideas I had and nobody liked any of them, so I think I might do it myself, for 'Cherry,'" Lana said. "Maybe with my sister."

One of those ideas included a visual for her song "Change" that evoked escalating nuclear tensions perhaps a bit strongly. So, for "Cherry," Lana's imagining a more back-to-basics approach with Chuck: "We were thinking, we should just go back to the old days and do our handheld stuff in a hotel or something."

If it has Chuck's touch, it's totally feasible we could end up with yet another entry in the LDR visual evolution. Maybe it'll have something to do with, oh, I don't know, an old green pickup?

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