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Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangeli In 'Work Mode' On Size Matters Tour

'[Max and AN21] are going to finish their album, I'm going to do music, and I'm going to sleep!' Angello tells MTV News of no-nonsense tour.

The wave of success Size Records has been riding hit the pavement last month in the form of a huge motor coach touring the country.

For one of the hottest labels in dance music, the multi-city Size Matters Tour formally kicked off back on March 22 at Fontainebleau's LIV nightclub -- the first in a series of massive [article id="1660733"]Miami Music Week parties[/article] at the swanky venue. But the bus didn't truly hit the road until a week later, when all the [article id="1661061"]Miami madness[/article] had subsided. Now that Steve Angello, AN21 and Max Vangeli are done frolicking in the Sunshine State, things are about to get real.

"Oh, they're going to sleep at 8 p.m.," Angello told MTV News. "[And] they're going to wake up at 7 [a.m.]. They're going to run next to the bus, [and] I'm going to keep them in shape!"

"I'm already scared," Vangeli told us in a separate interview.

"I'm really scared!" AN21 added.

It seems as if big brother has instilled the fear of God in the youngsters, who tell us they are as far as 13 or 14 tracks into their highly anticipated album, set for completion this year. Moreover, for the first time in what seems like ages, brothers Steve and AN21 will have a chance to sit down along with Max and finish up a track that the three have been working on for some time.

"We have a track that we've actually been working on with Steve for, like, six months -- maybe even longer," AN21 said. "It's so hard to finish it, because he's always on the road or working on other things or we're always on the road, so now we have his undivided attention [for] three weeks, so we're going to finish something."

"It's going to be work mode," Angello said. "[Max and AN21] are going to finish their album, I'm going to do music, and I'm going to sleep!"

There's no denying that Angello means business. But we all know how the Swedes and their pals like to have a good time, so we had to ask the man in charge if there is any chance of the bus turning into a frat house on wheels.

"There's not going to be any alcohol on the bus -- whatsoever!" Angello told us with an "I'm not kidding" look.

"I heard from sources that if I bring one beer on the bus, [Steve]'s kicking me off," Vangeli confirmed.

"But I'm allowed to have two beers per week," AN21 added with a smirk. "Maybe three!"

"We have a lot of stuff to do [and] to work on, so it's good," Max added of the rules. "It was the same way in L.A. when we were working in the studio. Everyone was like, 'Oh, guys, come out for the night!' [but] Steve was like, 'You finish your work and then you go!' "

Even though we're certain Angello's no-nonsense rules might be bent just a tad, the packed schedule the gang has ahead of them certainly doesn't leave much wiggle room for anything else. Having already logged miles with stops in Orlando, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., Montreal, Toronto and Vegas, the Size Matters Tour hits up the Midwest on its next leg starting Tuesday night (April 5) in Columbus, Ohio, before a West Coast stint that ultimately rounds out the U.S. leg of the tour at [article id="1656186"]Coachella[/article] on April 16. And then, of course, comes their slew of European dates, which take them out toward the end of summer.

There's certainly no rest for rest for this hard-hitting crew, but for Angello, it's a much-needed change of pace.

"You know, friends are jumping on [the bus] and coming off," he said. "Different friends are joining me in different cities. It's going to be fun, it's a break of airports. I just need something else!"

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