Travis Scott And Pop Smoke Squeeze In One Last Flex This Decade With 'Gatti' Video

They zoom around town in a Bugatti Chiron worth almost $3 million

Travis Scott and Pop Smoke figured that, with the year ending, it's best to squeeze in one last luxury-filled flex to motivate viewers going into the next decade.

The pair have released the video for "Gatti" that follows a cross-city ride in a brand new Bugatti Chiron, and the car is absolutely stunning. Seriously. You could watch this all day just for the scenes of this blue-and-black beauty and its lush interior.

In fact, Scott's $3 million car is really the star of the show. After it, Pop Smoke takes up most of the screen time, dancing happily while rapping his verse – which, by the way, sounds a lot like if Darth Vader became an emcee. Scott is the chauffeur for their journey (to get lunch, according to an Instagram post from Scott), so he doesn't get as much time to show off to the camera. Instead, he opts to give the lens quick glimpses of a lady dancing on a pole and twerking. It's much safer than him trying to groove and steer the vehicle so it works out well.

"Gatti" comes from Jackboysthe first compilation album from Scott's record label, Cactus Jack. The project also contains a remix of Scott's "Highest in the Room" that features Rosalía and Lil Baby.

Check out Scott and Pop Smoke's "Gatti" video up above.

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