Watch Niall Horan Sing About Kissing All The Women In New 'On My Own' Performance

He stopped by 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' for a mini-set of 'Flicker' songs

Fresh off the release of his debut album, Flicker — and a cozy launch party where he showed off his leading-man chops at center stage — Niall Horan is having a good week.

At that concert, which MTV News' Madeline Roth attended last week, Horan told the crowd, "This is the first show that I've done where you actually might know the words." And now that fans have had four full days to devour the new music (and the words), it's very likely that they can sing along to Flicker by heart now. But the rest of the world? That's who Horan was chasing Monday night (October 23) on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Horan stopped by with his band to perform "Too Much to Ask" for a throng of, yep, those screaming fans, though the national exposure he gets from an appearance on late-night TV could prove to be a huge boost for Flicker. And because this is 2017, Horan stuck around for an off-air bonus mini-set that included "This Town," "Paper Houses," and "On My Own" (a sort of mission statement for his solo career, featuring the lines "I'll drink 'til it's empty / Stay out 'til it's dead / I'll wake up at midday / And marry my bed / I'll kiss all the women / Get punched in the head / You could offer the world, baby / But I'll take this instead, yeah.")

"Who's got the album?" Horan asks before launching into the second song. Unsurprisingly most do, but he encourages them to spread the word. "I wouldn't mind a No. 1, to be honest!" No shame, man. You gotta go for it.

Horan's Flicker Sessions tour kicks off in North America on October 29 in Philadelphia. If the setlist is anything like what he's been doing throughout the rest of the world, you might just catch him singing a One Direction tune up there as well.