Rita Ora Shares Her 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Acting Secret

Singer-turned-actress talks to MTV News about her role as Mia in the upcoming film.

She's known for her catchy songs and killer style, but soon, Rita Ora will be known for her acting too.

The British songstress, who had a brief role in the "Fast and Furious 6," will be heating up the big screen in the film adaptation of E L James' erotic novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey."

Ora recently stopped by MTV News to give us the scoop on her character Mia Grey, the adopted sister of S&M-loving billionaire tycoon Christian Grey.

"She's honestly one of the ones that loves her brother for whatever," Ora said. "She doesn't know about his fantasies yet, but she's extremely involved and loves him and she studies in France, speaks French, and it was a good learning curve for me."

Ora originally approached the production hoping to jump on the film's soundtrack but found herself getting the role. She admitted that playing the part took a lot of hard work, mostly because she had to master two different languages.

"I prepped for the role by learning some French first of all, by learning an American accent and by really just not being me," Ora revealed. "I had a brown wig on and I was being the smart girl that came from French school to see her family, so it was just a lot of dedication, it was like going back to school."

But there were times when it was hard to keep focused both on and off set, and it didn't have to do with the kinky sex scenes.

"Working with Dakota was extremely fun she's just so gorgeous so it kind of distracts you a little bit, but I mean she's a really great great...she's an amazing actress so I'm like learning things from her," Ora said. "Offset there's always shenanigans going on always someone getting picked on, but it's always having a good time, you don't want to work under a pressured environment especially when you're making something creative, but it was an incredible, I would do it all over again."

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