'Are You The One?' Match Game: Who Is Hunter's Other Half?

The Florida native has certainly stolen 'our' heart.

There's something to be said about a Southern boy.

As his fellow casties fret over their lack of confirmed matches (with $750K on the line!), "Are You The One?"'s Hunter has been adorably hellbent on lightening the mood. Whether it's with a heartfelt poem (OMG how cute was that?), witty banter at the dinner table or, um, helicoptering his supposedly well-endowed you-know-what, the Florida native is determined to do whatever it takes to bring the 18 remaining singles together to work as a team.

But who is Hunter's other half? The Truth Booth nixed Kiki during the season premiere, and Stacey was proven to be a no-go in the very next ep. That leaves seven other ladies vying for the personal trainer's heart -- so let's consider the possibilities:


This Southern belle could be an obvious choice for our Hunter. Adorable accents aside, the two were paired in three of the last seven Match-Ups, and each time, the casties were blessed with multiple beams of light. Not a bad sign!


While both hail from opposite sides of the country, Cheyenne and Hunter are equally passionate about the fact that the group absolutely needs to work together as a team in order to win. An inspiring speech from Chey and Hunter's lovely poem? Yes, please!


Light eyes? Check. Tan skin? Check. Boobs? Sure. Hannah has many of the physical qualities on Hunter's lust list, but could she be his perfect match? Time will tell (hopefully within three more weeks), but "Hannah & Hunter" does have a nice ring to it…


The outspoken party girl and Hunter have hardly interacted on camera, but they could still be meant to be…though we have a hard time seeing Kayter coupled up.


Call us crazy, but we could totally see these two together! Both are sweet as pie and super athletic.


While Hunter and the bubbly belle appear to work together well as a team (they aced last week's challenge), their chemistry seems only so-so…if their horseback riding date is any indication.


Despite her hard-to-crack obsession with "Magic Mike," the fiery Colorado native is trying to open her heart to other possibilities. The proof: Check out the sneak peek of this week’s episode, below, in which Hunter admits that he's had a soft spot for Amanda since day one. And she did pick him during last week's MC. Could it be?

Who do you think could be Hunter’s perfect match? Tell us in the comments -- and be sure to watch that sneak peek, below. Then catch another episode of "Are You The One?" Wednesday at 10/9c!

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