Samsung Built A Robot Butt To Prove Their Phones Won't Bend Like The New iPhone

Samsung responds to #bendgate with a robot butt stress test on the Galaxy Note 4.

The war between smartphone manufacturers continues. After consumers complained that Apple's new iPhone 6 Plus has a tendency to bend when kept in a pocket for a long time, Samsung tested out the Galaxy Note 4 -- on a robot butt wearing jeans.

A new Samsung ad shows a series of pressure tests on the Galaxy Note 4, a phone that's even bigger than the biggest iPhone ever released. The most ridiculous test apparently simulates a 220-pound man sitting directly on the phone a hundred times in a row. According to Samsung, the Galaxy survived the robot butt challenge just fine.

Apple has a history of suing competitors like Samsung over similarities between products, so maybe they deserve the subtle mockery by way of robot booty. Either way, it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "apple bottom jeans."

Watch Samsung troll Apple in the new ad below.