Will Chris Brown Be In The 'Main Chick' Video? Kid Ink Explains

Breezy's legal troubles might hold him back.

With reporting by James Lacsina

With "Show Me," Kid Ink and Chris Brown joined forces to create a platinum-selling single. They've got another potential smash on their hands, too, with "Main Chick" -- but because of his recent legal troubles, Brown will likely not end up in the video.

"Right now, it's looking like we got a nice video with me and Tyga, but we still gonna have some open room to situate with Chris and have some ideas if it just comes to that," Ink told MTV News before KIIS FM's Wango Tango in Los Angeles over the weekend.

"I talked to him just right before we started shooting the video, and his team has been incorporated with my team and reaching out, and keeping me in tune with what's going on," he said. "We were waiting for him for the video. Hopefully we can finalize it pretty soon and have it out. We don't wanna waste too much time."

Last week, Brown was sentenced to another four months behind bars, where he's been for the last two, for skipping out on his anger management.

When the video does drop -- sooner rather than later, and without Breezy, it seems -- the Tha Alumni Music Group rapper expects it to be one of his crispest yet.

"Usually, I do a lot of performance videos, or strictly story videos," he said. "This one is kind of more about just the visual, and catching the eye when it's on mute. I think I got a good artsy vibe for it."

The video places he and his co-star in a situation that comes with fame, but can sometimes be uncomfortable. "It's me and Tyga having a private plane party," Ink explained. "Some fan groupies sneak on the plane, which kind of happens sometimes on tour. We're in the air, so after that, it's like, nowhere to go."

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