Idris Elba Thinks Matthew McConaughey Would Be A Perfect Fit For Thor's Family

Look out, Anthony Hopkins

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey have a ton in common beyond the fact that they're both starring in The Dark Tower. They both think Mahershala Ali is a great fit for the next season of True Detective. They both love Anthony Hopkins. They both would be stoked should Elba become the next Sexiest Man Alive, and they both think that McConaughey is a natural fit for Marvel, as he has real potential to join Thor's world as a formidable Asgardian.

In a conversation for MTV News, Josh Horowitz, Elba, and McConaughey chat about The Dark Tower, the complex (and sometimes sinister) parts they play, and the drama of Stephen King's latest work to make it to the big screen. In between unraveling their characters and how Elba's particularly enamored with Roland Deschain, or one of "the most agile badasses I've ever played," they bounced around to plenty of different topics, including Thor: Ragnarok — and how McConaughey nearly joined the cast of another notable Marvel movie.

Part of the reason why McConaughey signed on for The Dark Tower was because he was so intrigued by the prospect of participating in a potential franchise, and he notes that he's had opportunities to lend his Texan drawl to a some huge hits — namely Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

"There were a few that came over the last few years that were franchises that had been established, one that I even enjoyed," he tells MTV News of some films and series he passed on. "But when they came to me, the roles for me felt a bit like amendments — like, 'Hey, the first one worked, let's bring you in in a really tasty role.' When this came on, it was like, 'Good. I can be the author of this character. I can get in at the ground floor. We can begin with a whole new team and have a creation and have an original.' That still turns me on."

Fair, but what if the right part came along in franchise — especially a Marvel one? Elba thinks that his Dark Tower co-star would be an excellent pick to play the younger version of Thor's father, Odin, should that need ever work its way into a future Thor storyline: "Play a young version of him. Smash it."

To hear more about The Dark Tower, Elba's experience making Thor: Ragnarok, and whether or not McConaughey has ruled out returning to True Detective, watch their chat in full above.