Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg Rolling Up 'Mac & Devin 2' After 'Blacc Hollywood' Album

The Taylor Gang rapper confirms that 'Mac & Devin 2' movie and soundtrack will arrive after 'Blacc Hollywood' LP.

Wiz Khalifa is prepping his third major-label album, Blacc Hollywood, for release before the end of 2014 but the Taylor Gang rapper also has a few more tricks up his sleeve. A new Taylor Gang compilation is on the horizon, as well as the sequel to "Mac & Devin Go to High School" with Snoop Dogg. Wiz broke down his upcoming projects during Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live."

New Single "We Dem Boyz"

Earlier this month, Wiz dropped "We Dem Boyz," the first official single from his upcoming LP Blacc Hollywood.

"I love the energy of that song, it's just so fun and every time it comes on I go crazy, so I figured everybody else would too," he said. "Detail is the producer on it and he's so on right now, so we just made it happen."

And the video is coming soon, of course. "We're gonna shoot the video in two weeks, I'm gonna go down south somewhere and eat some good food. [It'll have] definitely a lot of energy, because I wanna touch the people. Everybody who knows me, know I keep it simple. So [there will be] a lot of real people in the video."

"Drop It Down On It" Teaser

After premiering "We Dem Boyz," the Pittsburgh rapper also previewed a snippet of another song called "Drop It Down On It," without revealing where it would actually end up.

"That's for my album Blacc Hollywood, which is gonna drop before the end of this year," he confirmed. Wiz joked that the song was made specifically for girls to twerk, record videos and upload to Vine. So, has Amber recorded her clip yet? "Not yet, we're tryna make sure that one is official, like the best ever. So it's gonna take like a couple tries."

Taylor Gang Compilation

In addition to Wiz's own album, a new compilation from his Taylor Gang crew is also in the works. "It's pretty much done. It's been done, but with Ty Dolla $ign's success, his EP and Juicy J's album coming out, we just wanna time everything right," he said. "So everything's looking good with my album coming out, Courtney [Noelle] is dropping an EP really soon, and then after that we'll probably be able to do the Taylor Gang joint."

"Mac & Devin Go to High School 2"

Wiz starred alongside Snoop Dogg in the original film back in 2012, and now the two rappers are getting ready for a sequel, plus an album to accompany it. "We're writing the second "Mac & Devin" installment and we're gonna film it this year, but obviously with production it's not gonna come out until next year," he revealed. "[There's a] soundtrack as well cause we always do music to go with it. We're just putting all of it together now so it'll be ready."

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