Carly Rae Jepsen Lends Her Super Sweet Voice To Danny L Harle’s ‘Super Natural’

Let’s hope there’s more music coming from this collab

Queen of earth Carly Rae Jepsen has shared her debut collaboration with U.K. producer Danny L Harle, and it’s a perfect psychic confection.

On “Super Natural,” Jepsen lends her super sweet voice to the super smooth instrumentals of the PC Music powerhouse. PC Music is the same collective of producers that worked on Charli XCX’s last EP, and Harle is one of their less hyped but most interesting members.

A lot of PC Music’s work makes use of surreally augmented voices, the kind where you can’t tell if there’s a real person behind a microphone or just a computer fed into a mixing board. Jepsen’s crisp delivery fits right into that template; her natural voice already sounds too good to be true, so she plays perfectly within Harle’s deliberately artificial arrangements.

Jepsen appeared recently at a PC Music event in Los Angeles, so there’s hope that “Super Natural” isn’t a one-off single. It’s too good a pairing for just one song.