Funkmaster Flex Unleashed Another Furious Rant Against Jay Z Because Of... A Text Message?

Flex doesn't like all caps.

DJ Funkmaster Flex already called Jay Z’s Life + Times website trash, but now the DJ is taking shots directly at Jigga.

While Flex opens his latest rant by calling Hov an “incredible lyricist,” he goes on to explain that he’s upset with Jay because Mr. Carter capitalized his own name in a text message to Flex this week. This apparently infuriated the DJ.

"In 2015, you are a commercial, corporate rapper that drops a little catchphrase every three months,” Flex said. "There’s nothing wrong with that. I think that’s super dope. Don’t talk to me funny in the text, bruh. I don’t work for you.

"Don’t you ever capitalize your name in my phone no more, bro,” he added.

Flex went on to say that Jay no longer gets the crown in New York. Instead, Flex said he wears the crown in the city because he’s on the radio every day. Flex also added that the station he works for, Hot 97, also doesn’t care or need Jay Z to succeed. “We are not scared of you,” he added.

Beyond all of this, Flex also sent a warning about any potential disses from Jay Z.

"If you ever plan on taking a shot like that at me or any sublim[inal diss], I will be on this radio every day going at you,” he said.

Flex doesn't stop there. He goes on to ask Jay why he hasn’t publicly congratulated J. Cole for 2014 Forest Hills Drive’s sales (Maybe because he's been busy on vacation with his fam?) and it gets even deeper than that.

To hear more of Flex’s rant, in which he covers everything from telling Jay Z that he isn’t a boss or a don all the way down to a petty comment about Jay's "dumb laugh," listen to the full clip below.

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