This Is What Authorities Say Happened The Night Lil Wayne's Tour Bus Was Shot

Jimmy Winfrey is facing 6 charges in connection to Lil Wayne tour bus shooting.

A newly released indictment against a man named Jimmy Winfrey, who's alleged to have shot Lil Wayne's tour bus in April, depicts what prosecutors say happened the night of the incident, and also names Birdman and Young Thug multiple times.

The indictment doesn't explicitly allege that Birdman or Thug had a role in the shooting, nor have they been charged with anything related to it at this time, instead the document, which is dated June 25 and surfaced online on Thursday morning (July 16), makes an implication about their involvement.

In it, Winfrey, also known as Pee Wee or Roscoe, is facing a total of 30 counts across six separate charges, including Aggravated Assault and Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.

There's a lot to unpack. Here's what the indictment lays out about the events of the night of the shooting, as determined by the State of Georgia.

On the night of Apr. 26, Winfrey and other Young Thug associates headed to Compound, in Atlanta, where Wayne was performing.

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"Blood gang members associated with Jeffrey Williams [Young Thug], to include Jimmy Winfrey, left an Atlanta location known as the Vault in vehicles and traveled to the Compound," the indictment says. It goes on to say that police saw Winfrey and others arrive. Police also say that Winfrey had an assault rifle in his vehicle.

Police saw a threat of violence, so they first escorted Wayne and his team away from the venue.

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"Fearing gang violence, Atlanta police immediately began to escort Dwayne Cater [sic] and his group away from the Compound," it continued, adding that police tried to detain Winfrey but he fled the scene.

Police then reportedly escorted Wayne's crew and their two tour buses onto Interstate 285 north; shortly thereafter, "an Atlanta Police Lieutenant observed a white, 2015 Chevrolet Camaro" -- the same car they had seen Winfrey in earlier, which he had posted pictures of on Instagram that he later deleted -- "traveling at a high rate of speed" towards the tour buses.

Winfrey supposedly followed the buses and called a phone "connected" with Thug.

"Prior to the time Jimmy Winfrey left the Vault and traveled toward the Compound, and thereafter when he was traveling after Dwayne Carter's group toward Interstate 285, Jimmy Winfrey was in contact by cell phone with the cell phones connected to Jeffrey Williams," the indictment states.

The indictment doesn't specify what was said during the phone call and if Winfrey was actually speaking to Thug.

The police escort discontinued once the buses left Fulton County.

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The document doesn't say why, but police discontinued their escort of Wayne's buses prior to Wayne's crew entering Cobb County.

Soon after, 'a white sports car' pulled up and began firing shots.

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The indictment alleges that multiple shots were fired from a "white sports car," hitting Wayne's tour buses. The indictment does not specify that this was the same white, 2015 Chevrolet Camero that Winfrey was spotted in earlier in the evening. But, given that Winfrey is being charged with the shooting, it seems that this is their belief.

After leaving I-285, Winfrey reportedly called a phone owned by Birdman.

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The indictment says Winfrey did not use his cell phone immediately, but once he "entered Interstate 75 south heading back into Atlanta, he started using his cell phone again and placed a call to a cell phone owned by Bryan Williams [Birdman]."

The indictment doesn't specify what was said during that phone call or if Winfrey ever actually spoke to Birdman.

Prosecutors believe Thug's "Haltime" video is a piece of the puzzle.

The video, released in June, includes an image of Winfrey pointing a gun, "similar to the one he was seen with" on the night of the shooting. They also reference a line where Thug raps he would "pop him in the noggin'," saying the line references "Lil Whodi," whom they say was a previous rap moniker for Wayne.

It's important to note that whodie or "whodi" is a popular slang term used in New Orleans, and not limited to an alias exclusively used by Lil Wayne.

And they believe Winfrey "carried out" a threat that Thug made.

This portion of the indictment concludes by saying: "That on April 26, 2015, Jimmy Winfrey carried out Jeffrey Williams' threat and shot at two tour buses occupied by Dwayne Carter and others in Cobb County, Georgia."

So, what's it all mean?

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Though the indictment associates Birdman and Thug with Winfrey, it's important to note that it doesn't explicitly state that either Birdman or Thug plotted to shoot Wayne nor that they gave orders to do so; neither has been charged in relation to the shooting.

Thug was arrested early Wednesday morning for an unrelated incident, and is according to TMZ is being charged with drug and weapons violations.

Thug and Birdman aren't saying anything for now.

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MTV News has reached out to representatives for Birdman and Young Thug, each of whom had no comment on the matter.

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