Ariana Grande's 'Problem' Video Throws Major Shade (Literally): Watch Now

Bad-boys: beware!

The problem before today was that we were hearing a lot of Ariana Grande, but not seeing her. But Ariana solved all of that on Wednesday (April 30) with the lyric video premiere of "Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea on RollingStone.com.

Trust me, there's nothing wrong with listening to the 20-year-old diva. In fact, everything is easy breezy as you listen to her notes reach higher and higher until they finally drift away. But seeing her sing and flirt with us through the camera makes it even better.

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The black-and-white video throws shade (literally) over Ariana's and Iggy's face as they sing, rap and wink at us underneath a kaleidoscope of light. Their attitude is exuded through an innocent playfulness -- a smirk here, some eyelash fluttering there -- and you'd never guess they are about to leave their bad-boy boyfriend.

"I fell in love with Iggy when I saw this video of her performing 'Work' live, and I just thought she was so original and I loved the way she pronounced her words," Grande told Rolling Stone. "I thought we would make the perfect girl-power duo for 'Problem', so I'm very grateful that she did it with me. I love meeting people I admire and discovering that they're really chill human beings and nothing's gone to their head."

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