'Hey Now, You're An All Star': Here Is 'The Challenge: All Stars' Season 2 Trailer

24 players will 'get their game on' beginning November 11

Hey now, you're an all stars.

The Challenge: All Stars is returning to Paramount+ on November 11 -- and the action-packed trailer for the highly anticipated second season features a lot of grit, determination, and 24 players trying to capture that "elusive victory."

From Gauntlet 2 and Duel winner Jodi expressing "I want to make my kids proud" to Season 1 second-place finisher/four-time champ Darrell vowing he is "back for redemption," 24 players are about to get "their game on" and try their hardest to "get paid" (Smash Mouth song references). There's also the one and only Tina banging some pots.

"Season 2 will be the best Challenge they ever had," Gauntlet 3 gold medalist Nehemiah declares as he leads a toast with his fellow cast members.

Watch the entire trailer now, and stay with MTV News for coverage leading up to the debut of The Challenge: All Stars Season 2, exclusively streaming on Pararmount+ beginning November 11.

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