Miles Teller Clarifies 'Divergent' Comments: 'I Own My Words'

'I never try to censor myself.'

Miles Teller has a few things he'd like to clear up.

The actor made headlines when he was quoted in an interview in W Magazine saying that he "was feeling dead inside" and that he only took a role in the young adult adaptation "Divergent" for business reasons. In an interview with MTV News ahead of the New York Film Festival premiere of "Whiplash," Teller clarified his statements.

"That's not it at all. That's the thing, I'm always dead inside, really, it's only through the good grace of Bud Lite and cigarettes that I get going," he joked.

More seriously, he said that he wouldn't have taken the role in "Divergent" if he hadn't genuinely wanted to do the part.

"At the end of the day, if Shailene wasn't in it, if the script wasn't good, if I didn't see it as a worthy venture in my career," he said, he wouldn't have done it. It was the hectic schedule of shooting back to back movies that caught up to him. "I was not dead inside, I was just burned out."

However misconstrued he felt his words were in the W interview, he was more upset about the apology statement issued by his publicist while Teller was on vacation.

"I got so upset," he said. "I own my words. I'm confident with the person that I am, I know that I'm a good person, I never try to censor myself, and I know the reasons I did the movie."

"Whiplash" hits theaters October 10.