Lady Gaga's New Single Title Revealed?

Makeup artist Tara Savelo has people talking with post showing the world 'Applause' and countdown to August 19.

When you live in the world of Little Monsters, there is meaning in everything. Take, for instance, a provocative image uploaded by Lady Gaga's makeup artist, Tara Savelo, late Tuesday night.

Sure, the average person logging into the LittleMonsters community might have just seen Gaga with a paint palette in their lap holding a hand over a frame with the word "Applause" written in all red caps across the top.

But a Little Monster would absolutely notice that the post was titled "26 Days," and done the math to realize that that is (almost) exactly the time left until August 19, the day Gaga promised she'd deliver the first single from her long-awaited ARTPOP album.

"I knew that the applause was the next single, seeOh well ... I TOLD YA!!!!!," wrote fan Claudia on Little Monsters. Another, Bryan, seemed to have figured it all out when he wrote, "The blank canvas of ARTPOP is finally beginning to fill. The artist is Lady Gaga, and the first piece of the painting is 'The Applause.' "

Another enterprising young man found what he deemed a hidden clue. "If you flip the photo upside down, and look right above where 'The Applause' is written it says, 'Lady Gaga B198."

The singer stirred the pot a bit herself a short time later, posting a drawing with some poem-like verses that could be lyrics to a new song. "If only fame had an IV/baby I could bare being away from you/ I found the vein put it in here." The final line has an arrow pointing to what appears to be a bird in a cage amid a sea of stick figures along with a crude sketch of a dog that looks like a famous image from Jeff Koons, one of the fine artists Gaga said would be collaborating on ARTPOP.

"Documented this album/app ARTPOP project in a series of notes and books," Gaga explained in the post. "With visual ideas and sketches throughout. I take this book everywhere."

Gaga [article id="1710440"]recently announced[/article]
 that ARTPOP is due out on November 11 and that it will be preceded by an as-yet-unnamed single next month. In a lengthy Facebook post she also said the new album will come with an accompanying app that will bring "ARTculture into Pop in a reverse Warholian expedition."

We're still not sure exactly what that means, but we do know that ARTPOP, and the app, will be available for pre-order on September 1.

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