Neil Patrick Harris Is Hosting The 2015 Oscars

I wonder if he'll sing.

NPH, most recently seen being a major creep in "Gone Girl," has just booked another high-profile role: host of the Academy Awards.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that the default host of the Tonys is getting a promotion to emcee of the biggest night in Hollywood.

To personally confirm the news, Harris posted this video of himself set to cross the gig off his bucket list.

And in fact, MTV News' Josh Horowitz talked to Harris for an upcoming episode of his Happy Sad Confused podcast prior to accepting the gig... And at the time, at least, the actor was somewhat down on the idea.

"If you talk too much about your desire to host awards shows it sounds like you’re pitching yourself for the job, but if you poo poo it and say you’re not interested then it sounds like you’re being disrespectful to the jobs," Harris notes. "It’s a weird job that you don’t pitch yourself for or audition for. A team of producers or a group of Academy people decide who they want and then they go to them and it’s a very quiet hush hush phone call. And you get it one day or you find out months later that someone else said yes to the job."

In fact, Harris expressed some reservations about the whole affair, though mostly focused on the pressure of the gig.

"It is such a massive machine with billions of eyes and dollars behind it that you find yourself - at least observing people who have produced it - you know how many massive big time Hollywood producers are involved," Harris said. "And they need it to be respectful, so they don’t want their clients and A-list actors saying things that might get them in hot water.

"So it all kind of distills down into something much more vanilla than you would want it to be. I’m not saying the Oscars are vanilla, but it's more dangerous and more stressful. Publicists are stressed and everybody is in these tight tight gowns so they cant breathe. It's very strange. So to do it would be amazing, but it’s a really hard thing to win over. I think only Billy Crystal has had a lock on being classy and yet relaxed at the same time."

You can see whether Harris nails the Crystal mix when the 87th Academy Awards take place on February 22, 2015.